CNH Foundation

The Kiwanis CNH Foundation was established in 1965 following the devastating floods in the town of Klamath.The Foundation Board, a group of volunteers, meets throughout the year to conduct foundation business ranging from grant programs and SLP scholarships to leadership training and promoting Pediatric Trauma Program. The mission of the Foundation is to build a better future for our children.

There are countless benefits that come with utilizing the CNH Foundation including financial support for service projects and educational materials. By supporting the Kiwanis Family, the Cal-Nev-Ha Foundation is able to achieve its mission and promote service throughout the district’s three states.

The following are some of the CNH Foundation’s programs that involve Key Club.

Programs Supported by the CNH Foundation: Our Foundation successfully raised the next generation of Kiwanis leadership through their support of our Service Leadership Programs, Key Leader Scholarships, and the Kenneth C. Forror Scholarship Fund.

Foundation Scholarships: The Foundation awards approximately $100,000 annually in scholarships. 

Pediatric Trauma Prevention: The Foundation continues to build better futures for our children by providing Pediatric Trauma Prevention grants to our Kiwanis and SLPs and through our partner hospital program.Pediatric Trauma Program has a simple mission: to develop local projects which will reduce the number of children in our District who are killed or injured by trauma.

All of the grants, financial support, and education provided by the CNH Foundation are available to Key Club members within the Cali-Nev-Ha District. For more information, go to the CNH Foundation website or simply take a look at the resources provided on the CNH Key Club CyberKey.

SLP PTP Grant Application link