Executive Team

Chuofan Yu DGOV

Chuofan Yu

Hello CNH! My name is Chuofan Yu, and I serve you as your District Governor for the 2019-2020 term! This is the last term in the decade, but let’s make it the best! This term, we will do our best to create an increase in membership, PTP funds raised, and service hours! There will be new focuses, programs, and events for everyone to participate in, so stay tuned! If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me!

Lawrence Guittap District Sec

Lawrence Guittap

Aloha CNH! My name is Lawrence Guittap and it is my esteemed honor of serving as your District Secretary this term. This year, I am truly glad to work with a board of distinguished servant leaders, and I am excited to see what amazing accomplishments hold for the CNH District. Always Kulia I Ka Nu’u, or Strive to Reach the Summit!

Kristie Poon District Treasure

Kristie Poon

What’s buzzin’ CNH! My name is Kristie Poon and I am beyond honored to serve you as your District Treasurer for the 2019-2020 term! I am very grateful to be able to work with such amazing and hardworking people and I cannot wait to see all the great things we will accomplish together. Don’t forget to fundraise for our preferred charities and pay your dues! Thank you for you service <3

Leadership Team

Hanah Shih DNE

District News Editor
Hanah Shih

Hey there, CNH! My name is Hanah Shih and I am BEEyond excited to serve as your District News Editor for the 2019-2020 term. Here’s to an unforgettabEE year filled with new experiences and memories! Make sure to check out the Bee Times! 

Sydney Karimi DTE

District Technology Editor
Sydney Karimi

Buzz Buzz, Bees! My name is Sydney Karimi, and I am excited to serve as your District Technology Editor! I hope that we can have a bigger online presence this term via social media and our website. BEE sure to keep a lookout for big changes on the CNH Cyberkey this term!

Derry Chen DVME

District Visual Media Editor
Derry Chen

What's Poppin CNH! My name is Derry Chen, and I proudly serve as your 2019 - 2020 District Video Media Editor. My plan this year is to create videos that will help members understand KEY Club better and guide officers to an amazing and productive term (Buzzin' Break), but to also make sure that they get distributed properly to everyone in CNH. So make sure you subscribe to our CNH KEY Club YouTube Channel, and follow our social medias so you won't miss any information!

Sophia Soriano CM
Communications & Marketing
Sophia Soriano

What's Buzzin' CNH Bees! I'm Sophia Soriano and I proudly serve you as your Communications and Marketing Chair this term! I Outside of Key Club, I love cuddling my two dogs named Kim and Ellie, spending time with loved ones, and taking fat naps. I hope to carry out successful marketing campaigns that will consistently update the general membership! The CM Committee and I are excited to create new promotional material that all of CNH can use!

Michelle Le DCON Chair
District Convention 
Michelle Le

What’s Poppin, CNH! I am ecstatic to serve you as your District Convention Chair for the 2019-2020 term! I am excited to see you all on March 13-15th in Reno, Nevada for DCON 2020: Service is Out There!

Janet Teng KFF
Kiwanis Family & Foundation
Janet Teng

What’s splashin CNH! My name is Janet Teng and I will be serving as your Kiwanis Family & Foundation Chair for the 2019-2020 term. I enjoy going out with my friends, sleeping, and eating in my free time. In this term, the Kiwanis Family and Foundation committee will be working together to promote the different aspects of the Kiwanis Family. I can’t wait to see what this term brings us!

Queenie Lam MR Chair
Member Recognition
 Queenie Lam

What’s buzzin’ CNH? My name is Queenie Lam and I am BEEyond excited to serve as your Member Recognition Chair for the 2019 - 2020 term. I work alongside an amazing mentor and 11 lieutenant governors to make contests more understandable and recognizing members and advisors for the work that they do. My passion for service drives me to work my best. I look forward to seeing you all serving your communities this term!

Daniel Chong MDE Chair
Membership Development & Education
Daniel Chong

Hi CNH! I'm really excited to be serving all of you as your MDE Chair. There's a lot of reasons why I chose to take on this job, but my biggest one was you, the members. My main goal for this year is to make your experience easier (and more fun) by creating engaging new educational materials and creating a robust pen pal system. Let's change the world together, CNH.

Joyce Wu PIE Chair
Policy, International & Elections
Joyce Wu

Buzz Buzz, CNH! My name is Joyce Wu and I am BEE-yond honored to have the opportunity to serve you as your Policy, International Business, and Elections Chair in the 2019-2020 term! In my free time, I enjoy taking naps and collecting stationery. The PIE Committee and I can't wait to educate CNH on District Policy and the election process as well as shine a spotlight on various international initiatives. Here's to a year of service and prosperity!

Melissa Carbana SP Chair min 
Service Projects
Melissa Cabana

Greetings CNH! My name is Melissa Cabana, and I am BEE-yond excited to serve you as Service Projects Chair for the 2019-2020 term. I work with 10 incredible Lieutenant Governors to provide you with the resources you need in order to successfully run service projects and find service events! The Service Projects Committee will be putting out service and fundraiser ideas, facilitating the Spotlight on Service Program, and bringing you other new and exciting things to look forward to. Please don’t hesitate to contact me about questions and any ideas you might have!

Lieutenant Governors
Kathleen Su D2N R9Division 2 North
Kathleen Su
Christy Wong D2S R9Division 2 South
Christy Wong
Rachel Kwon D3N R7Division 3 North
Rachel Kwon
Nathaniel Davila D3S R7Division 3 South
Nathaniel Davila
Harin Lee D4C R3 min minDivision 4 Central
Harin Lee
Caden Hise D4E R3Division 4 East
Caden Hise
William Hin D4N R3Division 4 North
William Hin
Ali Orouji D4S R3Division 4 South
Ali Orouji
Diego Solorio D4W R3 minDivision 4 West
Diego Solario
Shania Relucio D5N R12Division 5 North
Shania Relucio
Varuzhan Shaboyan D5S R12Division 5 South
Varuzhan Shaboyan
Devon Akiyama D7N R16Division 7 North
Devon Akiyama
Emily Chau D7S R16Division 7 South
Emily Chau
Katie Han D8 R9Division 8
Katie Han
Kiara Tatsuno D10N R13Division 10 North
Kiara Tatsuno
Ryan BautistaDivision 10 South
Ryan Bautista
Nikki Sanchez D11 R1Division 11
Nikki Sanchez
Tony Hong D12E R17Division 12 East
Tony Hong
Kaylee Wong D12S R17Division 12 South
Kaylee Wong
Brittany Pangaliman D12W R17Division 12 West
Brittany Pangaliman
Ilene Thaopraseuth D13N R8Division 13 North
Ilene Thaopraseuth
Krezzia Basilio D13S R8Division 13 South
 Krezzia Basilio
Jeong Min Hwang D13W R8Division 13 West
Jeong-Min Hwang
Liberty Thao D14 R14Division 14
Liberty Thao
Sam Duong Brett D15E R13Division 15 East
Sam Duong-Brett
Nathan Nguyen D15N R13Division 15 North
Nathan Nguyen
Joanne Ma D15S R13Division 15 South
Joanne Ma
Ellain Abatayo D16E R7 minDivision 16 East
Ellain Abatayo
Rachel Kim D16N R7 minDivision 16 North
Rachel Kim
Shay Crookall D16S R7Division 16 South
Shay Crookall
Kyle Chiu D16W R7Division 16 West
Kyle Chiu
Sergio Nunez D18E R11Division 18 East
Sergio Nunez

Division 18 West
Position Vacant
Andrew Yang D9N R8Division 19 North
Andrew Yang
Janrick Navarro D19S R8Division 19 South
Janrick Navarro
Taryn Sanborn D20 R15 min 1Division 20
Taryn Sanborn
Hafsah Alzamari D21 R2Division 21
Hafsah Alzamari

Division 22 Hikina
Racquel Kuge
Hollie Rader D22Komohana R18Division 22 Komohana
Hollie Rader
Kainalu Yoshida D22Makai R18 minDivision 22 Makai
Kainalu Yoshida
Grace Yim D23 R6Division 23
Grace Yim
Belen Zacarias D24 R10Division 24/29
Belen Zacarias
Ivan You D26N R9Division 26 North
Ivan Yau
Katherine Tang D26S R9Division 26 South
Katherine Tang
Amtpmop Qiesada D27N R16Division 27 North
Antonio Quesada
Nicole Nguyen D27S R16Division 27 South
Nicole Nguyen
Jasmine Mortero D28E R5
Division 28 East
Jasmine Mortero
Jeryl SarteDivision 28 North
Jeryl Sarte
Megen Lopez D28S R5Division 28 South
Megen Lopez
Jenna Wang D28W R5Division 28 West
Jenna Wang
Yena Suh D30N R3Division 30 North
Yena Suh
Ali Al Saleem D30S R3Division 30 South
Ali Al-Saleem

Lana Doan D31 R1Division 31
Lana Doan

Miguel Gonzalez D32 R15
Division 32
Miguel Gonzalez

Division 33
Emmanuel Flores D34N R17Division 34 North
Emmanuel Flores
Rebecca Pan D34S R17Division 34 South
Rebecca Pan
Daniel Min D35E R13Division 35 East
Daniel Min
Robin Yi D35W R13 minDivision 35 West
Robin Yi
Elaine Wijaya D36E R4Division 36 East
Elaine Wijaya
Kristin Garcia D36W R4Division 36 West
Kristin Garcia
Jane Pham D37E R2Division 37 East
Jane Pham
Prince Gimaring D37N R2Division 37 North
Prince Gimarino
Yolanda Mai D37S R2Division 37 South
Yolanda Mai
Antony Lin D37W R2Division 37 West
Antony Lin
Tracey Mora D38E R5Division 38 East
Tracy Mora
Sheehwa Yoi D38W R5 minDivision 38 West
Sheehwa You
Division 39
Position Vacant
Sasha Avakyan D42E R10 minDivision 42 East
Sasha Avakyan
Xavier Garcia D42W R10Division 42 West
Xavier Garcia
Alizandra Mompar D43 R17Division 43
Alizandra Mompar
May Lin D44N R16 min 1Division 44 North
May Lin
Karen Alejo D44S R16Division 44 South
Karen Alejo
Division 45
Position Vacant
Kathleen To D46N R12Division 46 North
Kathleen To
Division 46 South
Position Vacant
Kennedy Perry D47 R4Division 47
Kennedy Perry