Key Club Week

Key Club Week gives you the opportunity to show your community what Key Club is truly about: service. Each day places an emphasis on service, to promote Key Club within our homes, schools and communities and to make Key Club a household name.

Do your part to make sure Key Club Week—Nov. 7-11, 2016—starts Kiwanis Family Month with a bang. Join other Key Clubs from around the world by following the suggestions below.

HASHTAG #CNHKCWeek                                         

Share your week with the District by using the hashtag, #CNHKCWeek! You can use it on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. YOU might even be on the District's social media page!

 SHOW YOUR K IN EVERY WAY                                 

Show people what Key Club is all about! Spread the word by wearing Key Club gear and publicizing Key Club Week in local stores, your school Web site, community newspapers—even on the radio. Officially announce Key Club Week in your community with a proclamation and refer to the Key Club public relations manual to get great tips on how to publicize Key Club in your community.

 KUDOS TO THE KEY PLAYERS                                    

Personally thank all the Key Club supporters you know—teachers, advisors and other Key players. Write thank-you notes, host an appreciation dinner or do something uniquely your own style to recognize the contributions of these special people.

DARE TO CARE                                                           

Key Club has three preferred charities—UNICEF, March of Dimes and Children's Miracle Network. Take time to focus on service projects that help support these causes such as making non-slip socks or capes for your local CMN hospital.

KEY RANDOM ACTS OF KINDNESS                            

A smile goes a long way. Spread happiness throughout your school by doing little random acts of kindness such as leaving cards with inspirational messages on every students locker or just simply holding the door for someone else. Challenge every member to complete at least one random act of kindness.

 CONNECT THE Ks                                                       

Key Club is the largest high school service organization in the world and is a member of the Kiwanis family. Celebrate the entire family of Kiwanis by getting the whole gang involved. Connect with local Kiwanis, Circle K International, Builders, Kiwanis Kids or Aktion clubs and team up for a joint service project.